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The beginning of the journey

Every journey begins with that first step. The first event that leads you on the path to success. For me, that step was more of a leap. A leap of faith to gather enough gear and try to do a show out at UCF.

It was the middle of football season season and a band called Murphy Project needed production. My band had some gear and I called around for the little bits I needed to fill things out. It was more work to plan the event and set it up for success than it was to actually put it on.

Gig shows up and we get things unloaded from the rental trailer. Of course I over packed. I had cables I didn’t even know I owned. Had enough power cable to run from the building next door. I had extra mics, extra stands and extra help. The reason I say this is always be prepared. You never know when the client will ask for something unexpected. You need 6 sm58’s, then bring 8. just be prepared and know when enough is enough.

The show went off great and everyone had a great night. That gig led to where I am now. I got calls from other bands and then they got me other gigs. I sold my mixwiz and bought an LS9. I sold the LS9 and got a Pro1. It’s the little upgrades that lead to the next one. I went from JBL 4722 carpet covered tops to an EAW line array. I used flood lights from Home Depot to light the first gig. I’ve since moved on to movers and a Chamsys console.

I had had no idea this was what I wanted to do. I fell forward and landed on my feet. I only hope you all fall forward and find your footing in the present and the future.

Thanks for reading my first blog and hopefully find my next one soon. I will focus on pro audio, concert production, live events, lighting, mixing and gear reviews.

Dale Black

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D.j. Mynd
D.j. Mynd
Aug 15, 2019

Outstanding... looking forward to more.

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